Google is a search engine, a social network, and more. It’s also a ground that enables Google tests their products. If you’ve even signed up for Gmail or YouTube or Chrome (or any other product), then you’ve been one of those lucky people who gets to try out new features before anyone else does. The good news is that even though Google tests its products on humans in many ways!

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Google has a dog-friendly office, with the company’s motto being “If you can’t go to space, play outside.” The company also has a dog-friendly cafeteria and events for employees to bring their dogs to. In addition to this, there is also a park where you can let your run around.

Google also provides shuttle services from its campus that allow employees who work near Mountain View but live far away from it (or vice versa) the opportunity to get home quickly on days when they don’t have time for public transit because of their busy schedules at work!

Google Tests Their Product on


You might be surprised to learn that cats are the first animals Google test their products on. They’re also the most important and intelligent species on earth, so naturally they make great test subjects for new technologies.


Pigeons are an excellent test subject because they’re easy to manipulate and train. The Google team can easily train a pigeon to do whatever it needs to do, from pressing buttons on a computer screen to pecking at random objects in their environment. In addition, pigeons are plentiful and cheap; the average price of purchasing 1 bird is under $3 USD (about $4 AUD).

Pigeons were originally used by scientists studying animal behavior because they’re so easy for them to manipulate—they’ll take direction from humans without question or hesitation, making them ideal for testing products like new technology or advertising campaigns before releasing them into the wilds of society where people will use them every day!

Google Tests Their Product on The homeless

Google tests their products on the homeless. This is a major practice and it’s something that you’ve probably never heard of or even considered before, but it’s true. The company will give free computers to people who have nowhere else to go, then they’ll test those computers out in various ways—sometimes by asking them questions or just watching how they use them (or even just sitting down with them).

Google wants to make sure that its products are as useful as possible for everyone, so they do this kind of testing with anyone who needs help finding employment or any other kind of assistance.

Amish people

  • Google is interested in the Amish people for a number of reasons. First, they don’t use computers or the internet. Second, their culture is very different from most other cultures and is not often studied or researched by academics or anthropologists because it’s so insular. Third and finally, Google wants to understand how this isolated community lives their life—and would like to see if there are any differences between them and other Americans (or even people around the world).

Google has been doing some experiments with Amish communities since 2012 when it began testing its products on them as part of an effort called “Don’t Be Evil.” This means that Google doesn’t just want to test its own products; instead it wants feedback from users on how they think everything should work so that they can improve things over time!

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People with no thumbs

We can’t just take their word for it. We went straight to the source and asked Google how they decide which people to test their products on. Their answer: “We look for people with no thumbs, because we want to make sure that our products work for them. And if you don’t have thumbs – or any fingers at all – then you are not able to use all of your phone’s features! That makes sense right?


Google has a secret lab in the Nevada desert, and it’s one of many secret labs around the world. This lab was built by extraterrestrials who want to help humanity and make sure that we’re always able to access information.

It also has a fleet of UFOs that can travel through time, which is what they use to test new products before they go public with them.

Google tests its products on aliens

Google tests its products on aliens.

Aliens are the perfect test subjects for Google products because they’re the only ones who can understand them, and they’re also the only ones who can use them without getting lost.


So if you’re a dog, cat, pigeon or Amish person and you want to know what your future holds for you as an internet user then it may be worth getting out of bed tomorrow morning.