As climate change continues to push temperatures higher and higher in the summer months, there’s going to be more and more demand on local power grids to keep air conditioners and other climate control hardware running. In other words, sporadic power outages are likely going to become more and more common, so being prepared to maintain at least some of life’s creature comforts while the electricity is out isn’t a bad idea. These are the gadgets I’ll be relying on in the future. Here are the 4 Best Gadgets To Help You Endure A Power Outage.

1. Anker 757 Power House

If you live in a secluded area, where power outages can last much longer than a few days, a gas-powered generator is still the best option for keeping the lights on, the heat on, and your fridge running. But for shorter outages, Anker’s $1,400 757 PowerHouse portable charger doesn’t need a steady supply of gasoline, which can often be in short supply when the power goes out. It’s capacious enough to fully recharge over 90 smartphones or over 15 laptops using its multiple USB-A and USB-C ports, and has six AC outlets that can even keep a full size fridge running for almost three hours, or a smaller portable fridge for almost an entire day.

2. Eton American Red Cross Blackout Buddy

Keeping a collection of working flashlights on hand is crucial for dealing with a power outage that hits in the middle of the night, but only if you actually know where they are and can easily find them without dangerously stumbling around in the dark. Etón’s $40 Blackout Buddy is designed to spend most of its life plugged into an outlet serving as a motion-triggered night light. But it also has a battery on board so it will keep on working when the power’s out, and when unplugged, LEDs on top instantly turn it into an easy to find handheld flashlight.

3. Biolite Solar Panel 10+

Eventually all of your backup batteries and portable chargers are going to die during a prolonged power outage. But assuming any inclement weather that may have been the source of the outage moves on, you can always harness the power of the sun. BioLite’s $105 SolarPanel 10+ pairs a folding 10-watt solar panel with a 3,200 mAh battery, so it can still provide power when the sun goes down. With full exposure to the sun’s rays, the panel can charge its own battery in about 1.2 hours, a smartphone in an hour, or a larger device like an iPad Mini in about 2.3 hours. It’s not the fastest solution available, but it might be the most reliable.

4. Bestek 300W Power Inverter

There’s a good chance you’ve already got an alternative to a standalone gas generator parked in your driveway. Just plug this into the DC power port of your vehicle’s dashboard, and while it’s running, you’ll have access to a pair of 110 AC outlets, plus a pair of USB-A ports for charging devices or keeping an electric cooler running to prevent perishable food items from going bad.