Related posts are an important part of a WordPress blog. In WordPress, related posts are links to other posts that are relevant to the post you’re currently viewing. They enable readers to follow a topic through multiple posts. With this post, we’ll show you how to set related posts in WordPress.

Go to your WordPress Admin Panel

To access your WordPress admin panel, you will need to enter the domain name you used to install WordPress in a web browser. This can be done by typing in “wordpress” into the address bar of any computer or mobile device with internet access. Once there, click on “Dashboard” at the top right corner of your screen and then click on “Appearance” on the left side panel menu. The next step is selecting “Customize Editor” from this list so that we can customize some settings that affect how our posts are displayed within our website’s frontend (or front-end)

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Post Formatting

Here we have an option called “Post Formatting.” It allows us to choose between six different types of formatting such as Standard and Masonry layouts which are useful if we want certain sections of our site organized differently than others; aside from these two options though there aren’t many other options available here since most people won’t use them often enough for them

Find Posts Tab and Click on Add a new

In the WordPress admin panel, you will find a Posts tab. Click on it and then click on Add a new.

A form will appear. Type your content, tags and categories as desired by using the corresponding input fields in this form. After that save draft or publish your post if needed (you can do both).

type your content, tags and categories

To set your related posts in WordPress, you need to type your content, tags and categories.

Type your title: You can also add a subtitle if you want to.

Type the first line of text that appears on every page of the post (for example: This is an example title).

Add any links or images you want to include in this post (you can link directly from other sites).

Add a date and time stamp under “Publishing Date” field so that there is no confusion about when this post was published.

After that save draft or publish your post.

After you publish the post, it will be visible on your website. At this point, you can add related posts by adding the related post button at the bottom of your post.

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To add a Related Post:

Go to Posts > Add New Post/Page/Widget and click “Add Media.”

Select Images from WordPress Media Library and then upload them into your blog post (or page). For more information about uploading images and video files, see [How do I upload an image or video from my computer?(


This is how you can set your related posts in WordPress. if you have any question or need any help please contact us with your problem by email here

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