This is article will teach you how to post an article in the newer version of WordPress.

What is WordPress?

This as be the questions of many people, but in this article we will explain what WordPress is:

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) that makes it easy to create and manage a website. It is the most popular CMS in the world. Millions of business owners, bloggers, and publishers use WordPress every day to maintain their online presence.

So how to post an article using newer version of WordPress

Step1: Log in to WordPress

At the URL of your browser search the domain name of the blog you’re posting from and in this article let make use of

Log in into your WordPress account (admin account or any registered account in the blog you’re to post from).

Step2: Create a New Post

There are several ways to add a new post in WordPress, but the easiest way is to click on New rightly before your navbar. When you hover your mouse on the New it will bring out types of post, whether is a media Post or Post.

Click on Post

Step3: Enter the Title of your Post

  A new page or interface will be displayed. Enter the title of your post and at the top left corner, you will see a Plus Sign, the plus sign is to add a new Block which can be either Paragraph, Heading, images and so on. Click on Paragraph, which allows you to enter the body of your article.

Note: Have a knowledge about how to use MS Word because the WordPress editor provides you with formatting tools like Bold, Italics, Paragraph alignment, Styles, List and a bunch of others.

Step4: Choose a Featured Image

The feature image will usually be shown at the very top of the post. It will also be your post’s thumbnail, meaning wherever this post appears, the thumbnail image will appear along with it.

So, at your bottom right corner, click on Featured Image drop down arrow > click set Featured image. Featured image pop-up dialog box will show and click on Upload files and Drag and drop your Featured image or click on select files which will take you to your picture folder on your PC and select your desired picture to use as Featured image.

Note: Your featured image must talk about your post and must be attractive because that is the first thing your reader will see before going into content.

Step5: Choose Tags

Tags will help your post be evidence to reader when the search what relate to your tags.