How to Install Fonts in Photoshop

As a designer, either web or graphics fonts are one of the essential resources used in our text and typography generally. As a beginner fonts can be a normal thing but after some years you’ll learn to understand that fonts determines the mood of you design

To design make more attractive and mordern designs, you’ll eventually need more fonts! Here are five steps on how to install fonts in Photoshop and on your computer.

But how do i get them?

techy font

There are various websites that provide free and premium fonts for download and I will be talking about only two of them.
DaFont is one of the most wide-known free font sites. There are so many fonts in DaFont, so you’ve got a wide range of choices that you could make. Dafont also allows you to preview your fonts before downloading completing. It also provides fonts in two extentions .ttf & .otf. Dafont is generally by most designer as it is fast and easier to use

2. Google Fonts
Google Fonts is a web font service owned by Google. This includes free and open source font families, an interactive web directory for browsing the library, and APIs for using the fonts via CSS and Android. Google Font is easy to use and has a directory of fonts. It provides free and premium fonts but more fonts than Dafont.

Now, how do I install?
1. After downloading your fonts in the right file extension, open the font folder.

2. Right click on the folder

3. Click on install

4. Thats all, your font has now been installed for use!

Note: After installing your fonts, you can use everywhere in your computer, not just on only one software

You don’t understand this, watch tutorial here