Google Drive offers 15GB of free storage to all users, and this allows you to save your documents. But how much Google Drive storage space is free? While it might seem like an easy question to answer, it’s actually not as straightforward as you might think. In this article, we break down the answer to How much Google Drive storage space do I get? and explain everything you need to know about your free storage account. Let’s get started!

1.  20 GB free

The name of the free storage on might sound large, but with large files, it will soon fill up. The amount of space on your free Google Drive storage is as follows: 15 million Word documents (5 MB each)
– 3 million PowerPoint presentations (2 MB each)
– 13 million PDFs (1 MB each)
– 350 thousand JPGs (10 MB each) – 125 thousand MP3s (6 MB each)
– 70 thousand MPEG videos (8 MB each)
– 50 thousand AVI videos (30 MB each) – 22 thousand DNG photos (25 MB each)
– 500 hundred EPUB books (4 MB each)
– 10 thousand H264 movies (50 MB each)
The lesson here? It pays to buy additional storage when you need it!

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2. OneTB free

As a heavy Google product user, you know that every service comes with a different free storage amount. For example, Gmail offers 15 GB while Google Photos offers unlimited storage for high-quality photos. Google Drive does not provide free storage. So what about it? Well, it depends on how much you use the service. If you use Google Drive infrequently (less than 5GB/month), you’ll have access to 1TB of space for all your needs. For casual users who don’t create documents online or do a lot of photography or video editing as a hobby, 1TB is sufficient. If that doesn’t apply to you and your usage exceeds 5GB/month, don’t worry – we’ve got some great options lined up below! You can find more information about pricing by clicking on any of the three plans and going to the page that best suits your needs.

#1) A 30 day plan:

For $1.99 per month, you’ll be able to store as many files as you want in a 30 day period (up to 10GB per file). After those 30 days are up, you’ll need to purchase another subscription or manually delete files from your drive before they are automatically deleted after 60 days following their initial upload date. The downside to this option is that you won’t have access to any backup data unless you opt for additional features like Google Vault which allows for backup copies of your data at additional cost.
#2) 100 GB Unlimited:

Our 100 GB Unlimited plan, users can upload as many files as they want without worrying about expiration dates. Simply pay $9.99 every 12 months and never again think about running out of space again! The downside here is that unlike the other two plans above, there’s no way to download anything off your Google Drive once it’s been uploaded so make sure there’s somewhere else where you can save your files locally if needed. However, if you’re willing to give up downloading ability for better features like compression and remote wipe capability then this might be the plan for you.
#3) 200 GB Unlimited:

If a simple 200 GB doesn’t sound big enough to house all your files, then look no further than our larger package at $14.99 per year. It provides 200 GB of cloud storage plus the same added benefits that come with our 100 GB Unlimited Plan such as compression and remote wipe capability.

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3. Unlimited cloud storage plan with Google One

If you’re a heavy user of Google’s suite of productivity apps, then you’re probably wondering how much Google Drive storage is free. The answer is: it depends. With a basic Google account, you get 15GB of free storage. However, if you pay for a monthly subscription to Google One, you get unlimited cloud storage. What this means is that you can store an infinite number of files on your account. There are many benefits to signing up for Google One (including the aforementioned unlimited storage), but the most important one has to do with privacy and security. All your data remains secure behind industry-leading encryption so there’s no chance that anyone can break into your account and steal your data. Plus, you have the calmness that you are protected so hackers won’t be able to access any information within them.

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